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New Haven House of Prayer

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, who in turn make disciples, helping them to discover and fulfill their destiny.


New Haven is a Fellowship of Believers, a Church that meets corporately for teaching and worship, from house to house for pastoral care and edification, while growing in their gifting and in love.

Whether meeting corporately or from house to house we seek to allow Jesus to be the Head of all we do. 

We hold attitudes of Kingdom-mindedness seeking relationships and collaboration between congregations and transforming revival in the surrounding community.


The Lord has established in the congregation a culture that includes servant leadership, a desire for His presence, a high regard for prayer, and passionate worship.   We also embrace the study of scripture and the pursuit of Biblical revelation for the purpose of developing a deep relationship with Jesus.  We desire to share what we have been given by teaching it to others, especially the study of the end times.  We additionally embrace the practice of spiritual gifts and give ourselves to making disciples.  We believe Israel is the “apple of God’s eye”, we seek to support her and celebrate the Feasts of the Lord with those we are grafted into.

We believe every person is a minister and should live an authentic Christian lifestyle.

Therefore, we are to love each other, worship together, and be united in the cause of Christ. We are to allow Jesus to be the Head of the church seeking His will in prayer and doing what He says. 

We highly regard the culture the Lord has established among us and our purpose to see it passed to those we impact and from generation to generation.

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